Lawyer for Domestic Violence

Having appeared as a prosecutor and defence lawyer in Local, District, and Family Courts - besides the NSW Supreme Court - Paul Keane has a sound understanding of the legal system. He has handled cases of all kinds and different levels of complexity. His work on a Master of Laws degree, majoring in Family Law and Dispute Resolution, enables him to represent clients in cases in the newly constituted Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Despite Domestic Violence Charges being the most common in the State, receiving good legal advice in regards to it, is not that common.

Why not call on our lawyer to guide you through the intricacies?

These may include understanding legal specifics such as:

  • Defending a Criminal Charge relating to Domestic Violence
  • Varying AVO applications made
  • Revoke orders previously made
  • Understanding how it will impact Family Law proceedings going forward.